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The Muscat of Alexandria grape is a traditional, indigenous variety and one of the most representative of this region’s Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). From this a wide range of top-quality wines are made.

In addition to mistela, a type of dessert wine, very aromatic and sparkling dry wines are created, among which our wines, Flor de Alejandría and Renovatium White, stand out.

The Muscat vineyards, which are located in the central part of the Valencian province, currently measure 2,800 hectares, which includes the municipalities of Catadau, Cheste, Chiva, Godelleta, Llombai, Montroi, Montserrat, Real de Montroi, Torrent, Turís, and Yátova. In these localities, there are a large number of wineries that use Muscat grapes to create products that are increasingly recognized and valued by consumers.


Bodega Terravineas’s vineyard, located at Finca el Rellano, Godelleta, Valencia.

Thanks to the location of our vineyards and our careful treatment of the vines, Bodega Terravineas produces high-quality Muscat grapes. Our hard work, matched by our constant desire to improve our products, was rewarded in 2019 when we received the prestigious Bacchus de Oro (Gold) award. This gave us widespread recognition in the local and national media.

15 Spanish wines received the Gran Bacchus Oro 2019 including Flor de Alejandría 2019.

Don’t miss the chance to buy Flor de Alejandría 2019, a unique wine that you are sure to enjoy. In addition, we now participate in a reforestation project that aims to improve the sustainability of the planet. Five per cent of the sales that are obtained from our website will be given to the project. Learn more about this project here:Quercus Reforestation Project.